March 17th, 2019

Run, Billy, run!

by George Right

Billy McGregor had to work from age of five
And rarely saw a lucky day,
But in his childhood he remembered for the life
Words which his father used to say:

Run, Billy, run, through the heat and through the frost,
Run, Billy, run - or you cannot be the first.
It may be silly, it may give you little fun -
Don't worry, Billy; run, Billy, run!

Troubles went on, and when McGregor's farm was lost,
Billy was forced to look for job.
But there were many searching job at any cost,
And Billy ran without stop.


Once in a bar McGregor met a certain man,
Who offered him a risky play:
"You have the problem, bank has cash, I have a plan:
We'll take the cash and run away."


Something has failed, and Billy got the iron rings,
Time in the jail is so long...
But he believed that he could change that sort of things,
So he hummed his usual song:


So he prepared for some months, and it was done:
Billy escaped from jail at last.
Followed by cops, McGregor had his fastest run,
But bullets were a bit too fast.


What is the fate? A bunch of cards, a roll of dice.
Billy has got unproper things.
Maybe Saint Peter at the gates of paradise
Doesn't let him in and only sings:



Хоть и на английском, но в русле :-) Потому вставляю в подборку :-), тем более английский тут очень простой и ясный :-)
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Я ехала домой


С детства люблю эту запись. Если меня не обманывает память(имею основания думать, что не обманывает), здесь это похуже чем на пластинке - дефекты оцифровки, дающие неуместные подчёркивания, подвывания. Но всё равно. Имхо это почти идеальное, великое исполнение.

А вот исполнение замечательной Смольяниновой.

При всём респекте - похуже. Имхо. Стилизация. Зачем ей это?!