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Happy Rhodes - Warpaint - 04 - "To Live In Your World" (1991)

To Live In Your World

I don't remember her face
Or why I was there
I just remember feeling angry
Something made me hate her
I had to suffocate her
My common sense
Spoke of no consequence

But I want to live
I want to live
In your world

I am evil
I am brutal
So you say you must
Be rid of me

It frightens you
To look at me
'Cause when you do
What you see
Is a reflection of yourself
And your society

But I want to live
I want to live
In your world

For the man who steals
A piece of bread for his children
Shall we cut off his hands?
Yeah...that'll show him

For the man who speaks
His mind to the sentry
Shall we cut out his tongue?
Yeah...that'll teach him

I want to live
I want to live
In your world

This isn't justice
This is revenge
It doesn't work
It doesn't end

What of the man
Convicted innocent?

Song © 1991 - Happy Rhodes
Music, lyrics, voices, and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See credits at for additional info

Vocals, keyboards, percussion - Happy Rhodes
Keyboards, percussion, guitars and additional heavy breathing - Kevin Bartlett
Tags: happy, вечное, музыка, песни
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