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Happy Rhodes - Warpaint - 07 - "Lay Me Down" (1991)

Lay Me Down

Take the sun away
Bloom no flower
Call the voices off
Send the angels to shelter
The dark rolls in

Lay me down
Encompass me
With violets

Where there was hope
Let there now be sorrow
Let no sparrow sing
Light the candles and incense
The clouds roll in

Lay me down
Encompass me
With lilacs

Steal my sight away
Spare no smile on me
Let the wells run dry
Tell my guardian it's over
The night crawls in

Lay me down
Encompass me
With darkness

Lay me down
Encompass me
With silence

Song © 1991 - Happy Rhodes
Music, lyrics, voices, and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See credits at for additional info

Vocals, keyboards, percussion - Happy Rhodes
Keyboards, percussion, guitars and additional heavy breathing - Kevin Bartlett
Violin - Elizabeth Jones
Tags: happy, Бог - единственно реально существующее, вечное, музыка, песни

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