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Happy Rhodes - Equipoise - 06 - "Closer" (1993)

Closer (5:05)

I was born with a penchant for sadness
Now I can finally speak of the madness

Oh you took from me my safety net
Killed my hopes and made me your pet

I'm closer than before

I believed it could only get better
But your ignorance loomed like the weather

Oh you made breathing a nasty chore
I ate your malice for ten years more

I was crushed in the vice of your sickness
Took the blows for your every weakness

Oh you forbade me to love my mom
Daddy begged me to keep things calm

Closer, I'm closer, much closer than before

All the fears of the babes lay upon me
Every word volunteered for my army

Oh sticks and stones thrown
Shattered my bones
I glued them back with rhythms and tones

Reaching out for the ones who could save me
Nervous pats on the head's all they gave me

Oh where were you all when I was jailed
I cried and pleaded, to no avail

Closer, getting closer than I was before
I'm closer,
Much closer than before

I stand before the fork
I look from left to right
I wait in partial pause
And choose to use my sight
I'm ready on my mark
My heart is beating drums
I make a run for it

I'm getting closer, I'm closer, much closer than before
Closer, I'm closer, much closer than before

Song © 1993 - Happy Rhodes
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
(except as noted in credits)

Percussion and Keys: H. Rhodes, Kevin Bartlett
Additional Vocals: Kelly Bird

В этой замечательной песне Хэппи в .35 - .38 мелодия(и потом много раз повторяется) - из Миллиона алых роз. Что, она была так популярна на Западе?
Tags: happy, вечное, музыка, песни
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