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Happy Rhodes - RhodeSongs (1994 compilation) - 06 - "The Revelation"

The Revelation (originally from Rhodes II)

There is no sun
There's only moon
It comes too late
It comes too soon

The only reality
Isn't real at all

There are no dreams (Mikey)
There is no sleep
There are no treasures
For this little girl
To keep

The only reality
Isn't real at all

I know life (Mikey)
Is a relative term
And I won't live until
I'm lying with the worms

The only reality
Isn't real at all

There is no love (Mikey)
There is no peace
There's only me
And my beast

The only reality
Isn't real at all

The only reality
Is you and me

Song © 1986 - Happy Rhodes
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See credits for additional info

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