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Happy Rhodes - RhodeSongs (1994 compilation) - 14 - "Temporary And Eternal"

Temporary And Eternal (originally from Equipoise)

He is broken, far from free
Words were spoken, 'tween him and me
"I had friends, yes, I was admired
I'm so old now, feel so tired"

Well he walks to the gate and he looks behind
at life in rewind
And wishes he had known these things
while still alive
still alive

He can see reason in everything
"Where do I go to get my wings"

Going to fly

She sees faces in her home
Wonders why they (don't) leave her alone
"You must know child, I am all here
They think I'm failing, senile, I fear"

Well she walks to the gate and she looks behind
at life in rewind
And wishes she had known these things
while still alive
still alive

"I can see the purpose now and all I've learned
All the roads and where they've turned
I can see, I can see everything, the total truth
I'm ready for another youth"

Going to fly

Song © 1993 - Happy Rhodes
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See credits for additional info
Tags: happy, вечное, музыка, песни

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