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Happy Rhodes - RhodeSongs (1994 compilation) - 15 - "Summer"

Summer (recorded for RhodeSongs)

Ooh, to feel the wind
That rushes through those lips
With an ever quickening pace
Must I always see that face
Coming for my love to say
Coming for my love to say
Go away
Go away

Oh, oh away....

There are no words to say
When you look I look away
When in my mind I dream
That you'd die to be with me
But I won't let my weakness show
I will never let you know
So leave me alone
Let me alone

Oh, oh away....

Song © 1993 - Happy Rhodes
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
See credits for additional info
Tags: happy, вечное, музыка, песни

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    Тут, начиная с 14.15 - ещё лучше - как ни странно.

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