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Happy Rhodes - The Keep (1995) - 04 - "The Yes Medley"

The Yes Medley (6:05)
(I Sleep Alone, Soon, Endless Dream, Hearts)
New Recording of the Manhattan Center Show, 1995

You talk of love, you talk of trust
But I can see I sleep alone tonight
And where you go and what you do, baby I can't fight
It's not easy to forget though yesterday is far away
Yet still I can feel you close as breathing
You say you care, you want to know
But I don't know, I sleep alone tonight
And in my heart I feel you care more than you believe
I'll wait for you today and hope tomorrow takes you away
This yearning for the change--I look up at the new life
That I must find, I must find, I must find, I must find, I must find

Soon, oh, soon the light
Pass within and soothe this endless night
I'll wait here for you, our reason to be here
Soon, oh, soon the time
All we move to gain will reach and calm
Our heart is open, our reason to be here
Long long ago set into a rhyme
Soon, oh, soon the light
Ours to shape for all time, ours the right

Hold your head up high you know
You've come a long, long way
Tainted as a fugitive with nothing left to say
Temptation may come, hope your vision doesn't stray
in the name of God you might be forced away, forced away
Moving forward to the only place you know
Side-tracked by some indiscretion, changing as you go
Temptation may come, hope your conscience doesn't hide
the only trip you'll take is inside

Hearing, talking, yes, I love you
Set your heart, sail on the river
Look around as you drift downstream
Pouring souls into the ocean
take account of all you've seen
One people together, freedom for today
So easy the future, so see the children's way
Love me, teach me, know me

"I Sleep Alone" written by Trevor Rabin. From the 1977 Rabbitt album A Croak And A Grunt. Published by

Uni/Chappell Music, Warnell Chappell Music

"Soon" written by Jon Anderson. From the 1974 Yes album Relayer (part of the song "The Gates Of

Deliruim") and the 1985 Yes album 9012Live - The Solos. Published by Topographic Music BMI

"Endless Dream" written by Trevor Rabin, Jon Anderson. From the 1994 Yes album Talk. Published by

Tremander's Songs BMI and Fizz Music Ltd., Warner Bros. Music Corp. ASCAP

"Hearts" written by Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire, Alan White, Tony Kaye. From the album

1983 Yes album 90125. Published by Affirmative Music BMI

See credits for additional info

* In the summer of 1994 Happy was invited to perform at the YesFest in New York City. It was only fitting

to pay some homage to a band who've provided her with much musical inspiration. The original recording

from the Manhattan Center had it's share of technical woes, so re-recording for this compilation was in

order. A rare treat that even includes a song from Trevor Rabin's pre-Yes days in Rabbitt.

* Happy Rhodes - vox, acoustic guitar
Tags: happy, музыка, песни

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