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Happy Rhodes - The Keep (1995) - 13 - "Prey Of The Strange"

Prey Of The Strange (3:36)
First Studio Recording, 1984

Introduce yourself
I know you know me well
you're my love
Introduce yourself
come on, come out

I am the prey of the strange
and he follows me
he's my love
I am the prey of the strange

Dark Thing, come out

Stay in your place
show me your peaceful grace
He is buried here
maker of my every fear

He is my friend and my enemy
and I'm the creator of my love
but now he's wanting me to die
come on, come alive

My anger stirs right here
I want to show you fear of my love
The skies are no longer clear

Dark Thing came out, came out

He is here
He hears me

©1984 by Happy Rhodes, Published by Hovering Slab Music BMI
Music, lyrics - Happy Rhodes
See credits for additional info

* This is the very first recording of Happy Rhodes from back in 1984. We thought it deserved inclusion in

this retrospective of rare recordings salvaged from the vault. The "Keep's" original resident.

* Happy Rhodes - vox, acoustic guitar
Tags: happy, вечное, музыка, песни

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