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Happy Rhodes - Many Worlds Are Born Tonight (1998) - 10 - "Winter"

Winter (3:58)

How does my sorrow find me here?
I have lived
I have loved
Enough for all my time

And how stealthily
You come to me
I have loved
I have lost

Now all that remains
Is which one to

(From you I hide, by and by)
(From you I hide, by and by)

So how does my sorrow find me now?
Am I changed?
Have I loved?...

(P) & © 1998 Gold Circle Entertainment, Inc.
Published by Hovering Slab Music (BMI) and Samson Publishing
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes
except as noted in credits

Barney Rubble Drums, Nails of Goat and "Oh" by Jerry Marotta

Samples were taken from:
For "Winter"
David Torn's Tonal Textures, #'s 20, 23 and 27
Tags: happy, вечное, музыка, песни
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