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Happy Rhodes - Find Me (2007) - 03 - "Find Me"

Find Me

Find me, I'm right here
floating, I've been here for days
trying to keep the deep
beneath my feet

Now I can feel you flying overhead
but I'm swallowed in the waves
and I wonder how many days more
you'll search for me
Oh god, please find me alive

Lose me, in twilight
Hopeless, I can't feel my legs
I never noticed before
how water's like air
Oh god, please find me alive

Find me, I'm right here
descending, I feel the weight of it
Light is fading out
as angels kiss my feet

Now, all that I can think of, shivering away
is my fourth birthday
when my guardians threw me away
Oh love

You didn't find me
Why didn't you find me alive?

©2005 Happy Rhodes / BMI
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes (except as noted in credits)
See credits for additional info

Happy Rhodes:
All vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Programming, original artwork

Bob Muller:
Drums, Hand Drums, Percussion, Yang Chin

Rob Schwimmer:

Produced and Recorded by:
Bob Muller at Dangerous Music Studios, NYC

Mixed by:
Mark Owen, assisted by Grayson Elliot Taylor

Mastered by:
Dave Kutch at the Mastering Palace, NYC
Tags: happy, музыка, песни
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