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Happy Rhodes - Find Me (2007) - 05 - "Here And Hereafter"

Here And Hereafter

Not even the stars can say
How I would feel if you were taken away
I couldn't possibly imagine the pain
Of knowing that I'll never hear you laugh again

I wanna go wherever you go
Because all the colors are brighter there
There is more magic in the air
Wherever you go
Here and hereafter

There isn't a psychic anywhere
Who can predict how my heart would fare
If I woke up and you were forever gone
It would be so much deeper than writing this song

Say I wanna go
I wanna go wherever you go
Because the sun feels a little warmer there
You make me feel so happy I swear
Wherever you go
Here and hereafter

You know they say the harder you love the harder you fall
Well baby this love will definitely kill me, yeah

Say I wanna go
I wanna go wherever you go
Because every moment that I spend with you
Could be the last and so I'll follow you
Wherever you go
Here and everafter

Say I wanna be
Wherever you're gonna be
Wherever you go
Here and hereafter

Here and hereafter

©2005 Happy Rhodes / BMI
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes (except as noted in credits)
See credits for additional info

Happy Rhodes:
All vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Programming, original artwork

Bob Muller:
Drums, Hand Drums, Percussion, Yang Chin

Hansford Rowe:
Electric Bass

Teddy Kumpel:
Electric Guitars, plus Tamburica Solo and Acoustic Guitar

Bon Lozaga:
Electric guitar

Produced and Recorded by:
Bob Muller at Dangerous Music Studios, NYC

Mixed by:
Mark Owen, assisted by Grayson Elliot Taylor

Mastered by:
Dave Kutch at the Mastering Palace, NYC
Tags: happy, музыка, песни
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