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Happy Rhodes - Find Me (2007) - 08 - "Queen"


I am your queen

Given to me at birth
by virtue of my poverty | I was made for you
to rule benevolently | Ill never ask you to kneel
youve had enough oppression
Ive accepted my place
very reluctantly

Everyone whos ever felt
the burning of awareness
has journeyed to my kingdom
looking for acceptance
Give me all your tired | because I am your queen

Im like Lady Jane Grey
appointed to my post
By reasons of default
I am your humble host
Its not like I can heal
Im not the medication
Just a symbol of hurt

I give you dedication

What am I to do
with all your broken hearts?
And who will take care of me?
Royalty can come apart
So give me all your tired | because I am your Queen
Come unto me, find your reprieve

Ill be your
commute all your sentences
give you charity
full immunity and love

I just woke up one day | and I had a city of damaged goods
What is it about me | that brings all the broken souls
to my front door | thinking I mirror their lives?
Well, if I did
I cant any longer.

And here am I today
sitting on my throne
Nobody serves me
I govern all alone
It isnt fair | Im highly under-qualified

So give me all your tired
And Ill be your queen

Ill be your queen

Ill be your

Ill pardon your ills and your crimes | my bloody arms give you sanctuary.

Ill be your queen
Come unto me
Ill be your mercy.

©2005 Happy Rhodes / BMI
Music, lyrics, voices, instruments and arrangements - Happy Rhodes (except as noted in credits)
See credits for additional info

Happy Rhodes:
All vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Programming, original artwork

Bob Muller:
Drums, Hand Drums, Percussion, Yang Chin
Tags: happy, музыка, песни

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